Whindersson Nunes takes a surprising attitude towards Maria Lina

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Maria Lina Deggan took a close-up on Instagram while sharing a photo last Monday, 13. In the record, the ex of Whindersson Nunes appears using a bikini and showing her tattoos all over her body, there was no caption, just location.

However, despite the eye-catching photo of Maria Lina, what caught the attention of internet users was the like of Whindersson Nunes. Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes had a relationship and even had a child who died after giving birth, months later, and the former couple announced the end of the relationship. However, fans were thrilled with the comedian’s enjoyment.

I love that Whindersson liked it. Do they follow friends? Will take”, wrote one. “Whindersson likes”, celebrated another. “This is the Brazil I want”, joked one more.

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End of relationship between Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes

In August 2021, Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes surprised everyone by announcing the end of their relationship, months after going through one of the most tragic moments of their lives, the loss of a child.

“It’s sad to say and I don’t even know why I have to say it, but Maria and I are no longer together. Not everyone knows how to deal with everything, neither do I, I promised I would be someone and I couldn’t be, I know my thousands of flaws, and we have to know when to withdraw so as not to harm anyone, even if no one understands” , said the comedian.