Without Flamengo, clubs prepare letter to postpone Brasileirão’s weekend round | brazilian series a

The text will remind that everyone wants the public to return to competitions, everyone wants the fans in the stadium, but they agreed – by the majority in previous technical advice – that they would return at the same time. For the release depends on the approval of governmental instances.

CBF Technical Council meeting before the pandemic: clubs united against Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction CBF

They will also reinforce that playing without an audience is the worst punishment a club can face – in sports courts. It is not the desire of these clubs, the letter will explain, to act without their fans encouraging them. But there is a pandemic that, in a way, has uniformly placed this “punishment” on everyone, as they have played without fans since March 2020.

The clubs are also based on the decision of the Technical Council prior to the Brazilian Championship – when the CBF submitted to the clubs decisions and rules of the regulation that should be approved and then followed by everyone. Later, at council meetings this issue of returning public with everyone at the same time was ratified by the clubs.

Flamengo does not see CBF competence

Flamengo in Serie A – and Cruzeiro, now also Goiás and Confiança in B – have an injunction favorable to holding games with the public as principal. It understands that the CBF should not regulate this issue, as it does not have competence for the subject. Flamengo’s legal vice president, Rodrigo Dunshee, in interviews last week, said that the subject is “sanitary regulation”.

– I am surprised that the Brazilian Football Confederation is working against this. Flamengo wants to play these games because it has an economic activity. We are already playing at Libertadores, and now that the mayor of Rio released them, we want to make these games – commented Dunshee.

Flamengo's Vice President clarifies the club's position in relation to the fans' return to stadiums

Flamengo’s Vice President clarifies the club’s position in relation to the fans’ return to stadiums

At last week’s meeting, the signal for the postponement had already been expressed in a joint note published on the CBF website. She said, in the final excerpt, that “The clubs unanimously expressed that they will plead with the CBF to suspend competition rounds in which clubs signal with the use of an injunction to have audiences in the stadiums. The CBF will legally analyze the issue, as it interferes in the sphere of right of third-party purchasers of commercial properties in the competition.”

The president of the STJD, Otávio Noronha, denied this Tuesday the intervention request of 17 Serie A clubs – Atlético-MG and Cuiabá did not sign – to revoke the injunction that released the presence of the public at Flamengo’s games in national competitions.