Young girl kidnapped nearly 14 years ago in Florida is reunited with her mother | World

A young woman from Florida, allegedly kidnapped by her father in 2007, when she was six years old, was reunited with her mother on the US-Mexico border after contacting her on social media, police said last Monday ( 13).

The mother, Angelica Vences-Salgado, received a message on Sept. 2 from a person claiming to be her daughter, Jacqueline Hernandez, police in her city, Clermont, central Florida, said in a statement.

The author of the message explained to Vinces-Salgado that she was in Mexico and that she wanted to meet her on September 10, at a border crossing between that country and Texas.

The mother informed the police and security forces began working to locate the alleged daughter and confirm her identity.

On the day of the meeting, authorities intercepted Angelica and the young woman after discovering that they were both at the Texas border post.

Three hours later, security forces managed to confirm the identity of the 19-year-old: it was Jacqueline Hernandez. Mother and daughter were finally reunited after nearly 14 years of separation.

The girl was reportedly kidnapped by her father, Pablo Hernández, in Clermont on December 22, 2007, according to an arrest warrant issued at the time.

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