Youtuber deletes account after appearing in video insisting son cry

Jordan Cheyenne, an American youtuber who has more than 500,000 subscribers, deleted her account on the platform after accidentally publishing a video asking her 9-year-old son to force the cry.

Youtuber deletes account after appearing in video insisting son cry

Credit: Reproduction/Twitter @artangelllYoutuber deletes account after appearing in video insisting son cry

In the images of the video published last Wednesday, 8, Jordan and the boy received the news that their pet dog was seriously ill. The mother comforts the child and asks for prayers.

Then, in a part that YouTuber probably forgot to leave out of the final edition, she insists that her son cry and asks him to make gestures like putting his hands to his face.

“Act like you’re crying,” she tells the boy, pulling him against her chest. “I’m crying. I’m really sad”, says the child.

Youtuber deletes platform account

With the great negative repercussion, Jordan spoke through Instagram that he will no longer include his son in his content. Last Monday, the 13th, however, YouTuber told Insider magazine that it would turn off the channel to focus on the boy’s “health and well-being”.

“Going completely offline, canceling all videos and monetization, and prioritizing my son are all I care about. I’m disgusted and horrified by what I’ve done and there’s absolutely no excuse. It’s terrible on many levels. I love my son more than anything and I will regret this moment forever,” she says in the statement.

On the same day he posted a controversial video, Jordan tried to explain himself about what had happened.

“By the end of the video, I was so emotionally exhausted… I had him on my shoulder and I was like ‘come pose for the cover of the video with me’… I shouldn’t have done that,” confessed youtuber, who claimed to have received a lot attacks on social media.

“Those poses for the cover were wrong and clueless on my part, but that doesn’t justify bullying and harassment,” he lamented.

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