After the departures of Faustão and Leifert, Globo may be surprised by the decision of William Bonner

William Bonner
William Bonner on the JN bench; presenter will complete 26 years in charge of Globo’s newscast (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

THE Globe realized that his cast has turned into a box of surprises in recent months. It started with the departure of Faust Silva, then the frightening decision of James Leifert and, by the carriage floor, William Bonner may be next.

Time, in Faustão’s case, was one of the factors in the company’s decision. For Tiago, the clock was also a parameter, but on a personal level. William Bonner, at JN for 25 years, according to journalist Flávio Ricco, from R7, became the hot topic for a possible retirement from JN’s bench.

Cid Moreira, the longest-lived anchor on the most important TV news in the country, was on the air for 27 years. The exit was considered for this year or for the next year after the election. Both Bonner and Globo have not given any clues in recent months about a possible change.

Fausto Silva left Globo in June after 32 years of service. Tiago Leifert asked to leave after 16 years.

It is noteworthy that in recent years Globo has given more freedom to William Bonner, both in the news and abroad. In the pandemic, he disrupted a decades-long pattern and began wearing a beard. More recently, the direction has released social media behind the scenes at JN.

In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, the famous man clarified that he never hid the habit by the beard during his days away from the Jornal Nacional studio. “I’ve done this for the past 35 years”, said.

“But now, after hearing so many people defending (and doubting) that I didn’t cut it, I decided that this gesture (or this non-gesture) would be very symbolic of my moment, when I try to get rid of unnecessary and boring activities”, stated the presenter.

In the interview, Bonner quoted a verse by Renato Teixeira: “’Calm is the sister of simple. And the simple solves everything’”. Then, Renata Vasconcellos’ partner made a mystery about the future of the beard. “Maybe I cut my beard after getting vaccinated. Maybe not”, he considered.

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