Alexandre Borges revealed secret of The Masked Singer’s Jaguar to his mother: ‘On the last day’ | Meeting with Fatima Bernardes

“I told my mother I was the Jaguar,” he confessed.

Alexandre Borges and his mother — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Listen to the podcast ‘Sou Capaz de Opinar’ with the participation of Alexandre Borges, who explains his inspiration to compose the feline character. 👇

Alexandre Borges at the ‘Encontro’ — Photo: Globo

The actor commented that he was inspired by the biggest rock’n’roll idol in the world to play his character, the American Elvis Presley.

“I was very happy in choosing my character, it represents a lot of our forest. Come closer, the kids like it. When I saw the costume, it reminded me a lot of Elvis and I’m a big fan. He had a body thing, he was karateka, there was a lot of that thing the base of the legs. I decided to pay this tribute and took this thing lower. It was a challenge! It was done with great care.”

Alexandre Borges tells that he was inspired by Elvis Presley to live Onça Pintada — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro e Divulgação / Frank Produções

Curiosities about Alexandre Borges

On the program, Alexandre explained the tips he gave on The Masked Singer about his career and personal life.

➡ I don’t know if you know this, but we jaguars are creatures that live near water. And I was born right by the sea. Many people consider me a jaguar.

“I’m from Santos and the caiçara is the origin of the coast”.

➡ Until the day I lived with the Amazon jaguars and learned a lot. But don’t be afraid of me, the next victim won’t be you.

“The miniseries and The Next Victim was my first soap opera.”

➡ Some people call me a big cat, but I’m a jaguar. In fact, a beautiful jaguar.

“I made the movie Gatão of Middle Age and Beautiful.”

➡ I am a single ounce, but I have a few ounces from other marriages. Maybe some of them are in India, because they already told me they saw me there.

“I’m an only child on my mother’s side, but in my father’s other marriages I have nine brothers. I’m the eldest, I have a brother, who is also an actor, and several sisters! I’m surrounded by women in the family. I have my son, Miguel, who is now MC, MC Migué, writing lyrics, improvisation, hip hop.”

➡ As a young jaguar, she has already done what she does and has been to several places, including the Indies. Have lived in Portugal

Jaguar — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

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