Amanda is 11th out of competition after vegan paella

Interior designer Amanda Azeredo, 26, is the eleventh out of the season of “MasterChef Brasil”, the 8th in evaluating amateur cooks.

The participant from Rio de Janeiro left the program after taking the worst in a disputed elimination test, where she was supposed to recreate a classic dish of world cuisine with vegan ingredients. Amanda made a paella, which was praised, but ended up eliminating it due to the high level of the other dishes in the elimination test.

“My congratulations to everyone, everyone worked very well,” said Jacquin before the announcement of the departure from Rio. Helena Rizzo pointed out errors in each of the dishes, but noting that all were “far from being bad”.

Fogaça stressed that the test should refer to flavors when justifying the elimination.

The taste that didn’t come to memory, wasn’t in the palate and didn’t come to the heart was Amanda’s dish.” fogaça

The young woman said she was grateful for the opportunity, said she was leaving the program at its best, and when asked who she thought would win the program, she bet on Daphne.

See what happened in today’s episode of ‘MasterChef’

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In the first test of today’s program, competitors reacted in different ways when they learned that they should only cook with ingredients that were arranged in two refrigerators. Each member could choose between a refrigerator with “safe” ingredients and one with “risky” ingredients.

The risky refrigerator brought more diversified ingredients such as jambu, black tucupi, red rice, cowpea, baru nut, cured Minas cheese, Peruvian potatoes, peanut oil and jabuticabas.

Safe, living up to its name, brought more classic elements such as filet mignon, asparagus, eggs, peas, red wine, cream, chocolate and red fruits.

Winner of the previous week’s race, Kelyn could swap places for two contestants. The lawyer then took Eduardo and Heitor out of the safe refrigerator, putting Helena and Luiz in their place.

With cooking time of 1 hour, participants did not follow what their “refrigerators” pointed out, with the judges noting that, while those who stayed in the safe fridge were more daring, those who stayed in the risky place also stayed in the common place.

best and worst

Daphne, Eduardo and Helena ended up being the dishes considered least satisfactory, with the two former MasterChef Kids being the most criticized. Fogaça stated that he did not see the “Daphne dangerous and strong” in the young woman’s ice cream, while Helena stated that she was better when she dared more. Eduardo, on the other hand, heard that his dish was tasteless and bland.

Helena, on the other hand, had her sweet rice paella criticized, especially by Jacquin. The chef also stated that the 3 were good competitors and went to the elimination test because of their own mistakes.

Heitor, who went to last week’s elimination competition, won the competition with the best dish and had the chance to climb a few more colleagues to the mezzanine, delivering “weak” and “strong” characteristics to those considered “average ” by the jurors.

The systems analyzer saved those considered “strong” and left Kelyn, Amanda and Pedro in the elimination test alongside the 3 “losers”.

world classics

The elimination test was attended by chef Bela Gil. The challenge was to remake 3 classic dishes of world cuisine (cassoulet, paella and beef bourguigon) in a vegan way (without any animal-derived ingredients).

Participants were frightened by the challenge and by a completely vegan market and counted on tips from Bela in order to replace the classic ingredients with products not derived from animals. Each of the 6 candidates for elimination chose which of the dishes they would have to do.

Knowing that Bela Gil would taste the dishes alongside the judges also put more pressure on the competitors.

very paired test

In the recreation, almost everyone was praised for the execution.

Kelyn recreated the steak bourgugon with mushrooms and was also praised, especially for the texture of the dish and the sauce, which surprised the chefs. Daphne brought a paella with mushrooms and coconut meat. The young woman stood out for the creativity she had when recreating the dish and returned to the bench applauded by her colleagues. The two were the most praised, with Kelyn again being chosen as the best.

Pedro made a cassoulet with smoked tofu, praised by the chefs for its texture and taste, emphasizing only the cooking point of beans and salt. Eduardo, like Pedro, also made a cassoulet with mushrooms and soy bacon and received favorable reviews for the beans and bacon.

Helena disputed the permanence with a steak bourgugon with jackfruit meat. Her dish was classified as tasty, but with an extra acidity. However, the competitor was saved by her colleagues in the mezzanine.

Amanda had the most criticized dish. In their paella, the chefs pointed out the lack of better cooking of the rice and the wrong seasoning. Interior design got the worst of it and was eliminated.