Brazilian artist raises R$ 28.4 million with NFT collection

Brazilian artist and programmer Monica Rizzolli raised 1,623 ether, equivalent to around R$ 28.4 million, in an NFT (non-fungible token) auction, held through the Artblocks platform on Monday (13).

The collection “Fragments of an Infinite Field”, in the translation Fragments of an Infinite Field, consists of 1,024 pieces and depicts flowers in a “possibly infinite field of foliage”. In addition to being unique, the pieces change according to the season.

According to the description of the collection, the season of the year determines the colors of the landscape and defines specific phenomena for each one of them, such as rain in summer, snow in winter, petals falling in autumn and pollen in spring.

The starting price of each piece was 10 ether, something around R$ 174,641.44 at the current price. In less than an hour all the pieces were auctioned.

On the secondary market, individual piece #760 was sold for 69 ether, equivalent to R$1.20 million. This Tuesday (14), the minimum price found on the NFT trading platform is 11.9 ETH, approximately R$208 thousand.

the artist

Monica Rizzolli is an artist-programmer, studied at the Institute of Arts at UNESP and at Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany). Resident in São Paulo, she is also a performer and illustrator. He participated in international projects such as MAK Center Artists and Architects (USA), Creatives in Residence (China), Sweet Home (Spain) and AIR DRAWinternational (France). He received the MAK Schindler Award from MAK-Vienna.