Brazilian hit by CR7 jackpot already fought with the ace. But now he says: “I’m Ronaldete!” | soccer

In a match between Real Madrid and Basel, in 2014, for the Champions’ group stage, there she was again as one of the stewards, employees who work in stadium security. Cristiano Ronaldo, even after playing 90 minutes, insisted on doing activities on the field after the game. The attitude irritated Marisa, who worked on organizing the event.

– I ended up cursing him. I didn’t know who he was right. I said: “The game is over, you keep running here on the field and people don’t leave”. He continued, and I was already very tired. He sent me to talk to the technician. I came back: “So, is it going to end or not? This is Switzerland, dear,” says Marisa.

– He told me to go to that place. I said: “What a rude guy.” Until yesterday (Tuesday), I didn’t like Cristiano Ronaldo. But I saw that he is totally another person – reports the Brazilian.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes to stricken fan before Young Boys v Manchester United — Photo: REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Before the game, Marisa posted a kind of premonition on social media. He wrote that he would like to take a picture with the Portuguese and apologize for what happened six years ago. With the intention of getting closer to the player, he strategically positioned himself behind the goal where the United squad was warming up at the Stade de Suisse, in Bern. The decision proved dangerous.

– I even looked at Ronaldo, I don’t know if he recognized me. It wasn’t revenge, no! Don’t think it was revenge – he guarantees.

Employee hit by jackpot and bailed out by Cristiano Ronaldo wins idol’s shirt after Young Boys win over Manchester United — Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

When Marisa realized, the jackpot came. The view darkened, and Brazilian security passed out. Upon waking up after about 30 seconds, the time stipulated by the daughter who also worked as a steward at the event, came a surprise:

– He was holding my hand, stroking my face, asking: “Are you okay, are you okay?”

First, Marisa thought she was dreaming. Then, the second reflex was to apologize for what happened six years ago.

– “If you really are my fan, I’ll give you my shirt, autograph and give it to you after the game”, he said. I said: “Sweaty?” He said: “Sweat!”

And CR7 complied. After United’s defeat, the player crossed the field and headed towards Marisa, but security was too close to the energetic organized cheering of the Young Boys. Thus, the shirt passed from the hands of the British technical committee to the Brazilian, who declared:

– Now I am Ronaldete number 1!