CBF says judge erred in expelling Patrick de Paula

The arbitration commission of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) admitted that judge Bruno Arleu de Araújo made a mistake by expelling Patrick de Paula, from Palmeiras, in the match against Atlético-MG. The revelation was made today (15) during the athlete’s trial at the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

The document was used by Alviverde as one of the arguments to obtain the unanimous acquittal of the midfielder. O blog he tried to contact Leonardo Gaciba, head of the department at CBF, but got no return.

In the document, the CBF acknowledged that Patrick de Paula did not deserve to have been sent off because the physical contact was due to a slip by the midfielder. Videos show that Bruno had his back to the shot. Because of this, he was probably instructed by one of his assistants to apply the second yellow to the Palmeirense.

Also along this line, the court withdrew Abel Ferreira’s complaint after acknowledging that the technician was not disrespectful and that he did not deserve to be expelled. The video shown by the lawyer of Palmeiras, Andrés Perez, showed that the commander only said that the athlete had slipped.

João Martins, Abel’s assistant, was also unanimously acquitted because the judge wrote in the summary that he expelled the member of the commission from Palma, but that he had not been able to identify what he had said.

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