Countdown! xCloud enters beta phase in Brazil and has been integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Update (9/14/2021) – GS

In early June, Microsoft announced that its cloud gaming streaming platform, xCloud, would fully arrive in Brazil this year. Until then, the platform was being tested as a preview for a few selected users.

This week, the Redmond giant revealed that the service has started beta testing in the country, making xCloud be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so subscribers to the service will have access to streaming at no additional cost.

In the beta phase, xCloud will be accessible from Apple phones and tablets, Windows computers and Android phones and tablets.

Those who have been selected to participate in the Preview version of the platform will receive an xCloud Project Founding Member badge and a custom video calling background.

For now, the platform still doesn’t have an official release date, but the move to the beta phase is certainly something very positive and shows that we are closer than ever!

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Original text – 06/10/2021

The service is currently in beta testing in Brazil and other countries, but Microsoft has already confirmed that it will launch the full version of the service here later this year, as well as in Mexico and Japan. The company also confirmed that this year it will complete the xCloud integration with the Xbox PC app, as well as bringing the service to Xbox consoles.

In the coming weeks, xCloud in web browsers will be open to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. With support for browsers like Edge, Chrome and Safari, gamers will be able to play on virtually any device.

The expansion of xCloud certainly also implies an expansion of the Game Pass, as together, the services, in addition to complementing each other, also offer a vast catalog of games that can be played on virtually any device, without the need for a console, which it’s almost like the transition between video stores and streaming platforms.

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