Curitiba will have new direct flights to capitals and cities in Paraná

Latam will offer direct flights from Curitiba to six new destinations starting in 2022. On the Paraná SA blog, the airline announced that it will make a non-stop connection between the capital of Paraná and Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte (Airport de Confins) and Fortaleza and the inland cities of Foz do Iguaçu, Londrina and Maringá from the first quarter of next year.


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Before that, as of October 31, the company will resume direct flights between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont Airport), which had been interrupted in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. For this route, tickets are already being sold.

With this move, Latam reaches ten direct connections with origin or destination in Curitiba – previously there were only three: Curitiba-Guarulhos, Curitiba-Congonhas and Curitiba-Brasília. To get to other locations, the passenger needed to spend the stopover time.

“We always looked at the South very closely. We wanted to increase our presence in the region. We already have a presence in capitals and cities in the interior of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, but we wanted more direct connectivity. We chose Curitiba as the focus city due to its size and our history with Paraná”, says Diogo Elias, the company’s Marketing and Sales director.

The executive said that the experience with the pandemic period, in which the company learned to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, opened the possibility of increasing destinations linked to Afonso Pena Airport – an old demand of passengers from Paraná.

Latam will have flights from Cascavel to Guarulhos

The director of Latam indicates that factors such as the strengthening of domestic tourism and the resumption of the corporate market weighed in the decision to expand coverage. The first item includes the connection between the capital and Foz do Iguaçu. The second item includes connections between Curitiba and other capitals and another new feature of the company expected for the first quarter of 2022: the start of operations in Cascavel, which will have direct flights to Guarulhos.

Strongly linked to agribusiness, the city in the west of Paraná becomes the fifth in Paraná with flights from Latam.

The company has not yet defined the frequency, values ​​and times of new flights involving Curitiba and Cascavel, but Diogo Elias says that “it is difficult not to be daily”. Tickets and details of these new operations should be made available in November this year.

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