Deputy offends and calls for fight rapporteur who proposed his impeachment in the Ethics Council | Policy

The offenses were recorded on video by Leite’s office while the deputy was followed by Mouth Aberta in the corridors of the Chamber (see excerpt above).

Throughout the recording, Boca Aberta curses Alexandre Leite as a “scoundrel”, “vagabundo”, “bandit” and “ordinary” – in addition to calling the deputy “for the dick in the plenary”. In the excerpt published, the DEM congressman does not respond to the offenses.

The episode took place after a session of the Ethics Council where the opinion of Leite for the revocation of Boca Aberta, presented on the 24th, would be analyzed. on social networks.

The report was not voted on because Leite asked for the topic to be removed from the agenda, based on the fact that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has already decided, also on the 24th, to cancel Boca Aberta’s electoral diploma. The court decision prevents the deputy of Paraná from fulfilling the remainder of his term (see video below).

According to Alexandre Leite, the definition of the TSE is already being processed by the Chamber’s Internal Affairs, at the administrative level, and should continue so that the Board of Directors takes the necessary measures.

“There being no justification, therefore, for the continuation of this process within the scope of this council. Even if the process is continued within the scope of the Council, if we vote for the worst, say, the loss of mandate, which is the recommendation, there would not be enough time for that the draft resolution be voted on before the Bureau determines the loss of mandate,” Leite said during the session.

In a note sent by the press office, Leite said that deputy Boca Aberta “was launched hysterical and lying attacks against me and my family”.

“This is the typical reaction of those who are at risk of impeachment and have no other alternative but an unfair and slanderous attack. I will not bow to these bravado and offenses, I will continue to act fairly and correctly in the Ethics Council, still that the final decision is for the deputy’s impeachment,” he says.

Sought by TV Globo, Boca Aberta reiterated the offenses made to Alexandre Leite and said that there is no reason to revoke his mandate. “It’s personal,” he said.

TSE revokes diploma from Deputy Boca Aberta;  alternate must assume mandate in the Chamber

TSE revokes diploma from Deputy Boca Aberta; alternate must assume mandate in the Chamber

The video recorded by the advisors lasts about 3 minutes. In the images, Mouth Aberta appears exalted, following Leite through the corridor of the Chamber commissions.

“You bastard, you’re a cad, boy. Come on, let’s go to the stick over there in the plenary,” he says. You are a bandit, boy. It’s all here in my hand. Quadrillerist, bandit’s family, vote buyer with basic food basket in São Paulo.”

At another moment, Mouth Open asks: “What are you going to do to me? I’m a deputy, what are you going to do? What are you going to do to me?”

“You are worthless, your family is a family of vagabonds, of bandits”, he says.

In the images, it is possible to see that some people, including security professionals from the Chamber, are asking Boca Aberta to calm down – asking people to “remove their hand” from it.