Ex from Pyong, Sammy Lee is sick and is rushed to São Paulo

The digital influencer Sammy Lee, ex-wife of Pyong Lee, had to be hospitalized after rushing to Albert Einstein hospital, in São Paulo, in the early hours of this Wednesday. The 23-year-old girl continues to receive medical care in the hospital unit.

Sammy, who is the mother of little one-year-old Jake from her relationship with Pyong, got sick and went to the medical unit. The boy was taken care of by others. The influencer spent the night in the hospital and remains so. Sammy’s father is also on his way to join her at the health facility.

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At the hospital, Sammy has already had some tests done, including the Covid-19 test, which came back negative. She still has to undergo further tests during the recovery period. There are still no details about her diagnosis. The influencer remains hospitalized with no expected discharge.

Normally active on social media, Sammy’s last web post was two days ago.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Sammy Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Pyong and Sammy
Pyong and Sammy Photo: Reproduction – INstagram
Pyong Lee has moved into a new home with his wife and son
Pyong Lee has moved into a new home with his wife and son Photo: Reproduction/Youtube