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Facebook knows that using Instagram harms teenagers' mental health (Photo: Westend61 / GettyImages)

Facebook knows that using Instagram harms teenagers’ mental health (Photo: Westend61 / GettyImages)

An internal search of the Facebook shows that the mental health of adolescent users is negatively affected by the use of Instagram, the group photo and video sharing app.

The document, analyzed by The Wall Street Journal, states that “32 percent of teenagers said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse.” The report also said, according to Business Insider, that “Instagram comparisons can change the way young women see and describe themselves.”

Body image

According to the report, these findings are not one-off: they have been consistent over the past few years of internal research. The report does not mention the duration of the study, but recalls that in 2019, in an internal presentation on Facebook, the company had already said that it made “body image problems worse for one in three teenage girls”.

Another presentation highlighted that a small percentage of British and American teenage Instagram users said they had begun to have suicidal thoughts due to their use of the social network.

Today, more than 40% of Instagram users are under 22, according to documents analyzed by The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook version

When contacted by the Wall Street Journal for comment, Facebook representatives responded via a blog post.

“Although the story focuses on a limited set of findings and casts them in a negative light, we support this research,” the post said.

“This demonstrates our commitment to understanding the complex and difficult issues young people can struggle with and informs all the work we do to help those facing these issues,” the statement added.

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