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The Civil Police arrested three young men suspected of killing 18-year-old Ariane Bárbara Laureano de Oliveira, who was a friend of theirs and was found dead in Setor Jaó in Goiânia, after being missing for seven days. According to the corporation, the crime was committed because one of the investigated wanted to know if she was a psychopath.

Jeferson Cavalcante Rodrigues, 22, Raíssa Nunes Borges, 19, and Enzo Jacomini Carneiro Matos, 18, who uses the name Freya, were arrested. O G1 did not locate the suspects’ defense to comment on the case.

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Enzo Jacomini, Jeferson Rodrigues and Raíssa Borges were arrested on suspicion of killing a friend in Goiânia — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

Ariane Laureano’s last contact with the family occurred on August 24, when she announced that she was going out for a snack with friends. According to the Civil Police, the trio killed the young woman on the same day. Her body was found in a forest on the 30th.

Police chief Marcos de Oliveira Gomes, who investigated the crime, said that Ariane was killed because Raíssa Borges wanted to know if she was a psychopath. For that, she would have to kill someone to gauge her own reaction after the murder. They created a list of possible victims.

“They didn’t choose Ariane for a specific reason. It could be her or two other names that came out on a list. She was chosen because she was small and, if she reacted at the time of the murder, they would be able to carry out the crime,” explained the chief.

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Ariane Bárbara Laureano de Oliveira, 18 years old, in Goiânia, Goiás — Photo: Personal Archive/Eliana Laureano

Music indicated the time to kill

According to police, the crime followed an order drawn up by the suspects and was committed in a car. The delegate explained that they chose a song that talked about murder and that the song was played at a specific moment in the conversation between them.

In the middle of the song, one of them snapped his fingers. This was the signal for Raisa to kill her friend, according to Marcos Gomes.

“When the driver snapped his fingers, one of the prisoners was unable to hang the victim. So, the person in the front seat jumped into the back seat and hanged Ariane until she fainted,” explained the delegate.

According to police, one of the suspects stabbed the victim with the car in motion and listening to the music they chose. Shortly thereafter, another person took a second stab. Police did not release the order in which the suspects were inside the car.

Police seized the knife used to kill Adriane Laureano in Goiânia, Goiás — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

Garbage bags in the trunk

Police first identified the vehicle used in the crime. According to the investigation, the car used to dump Ariane’s body in a forest in Setor Jaó was the same one that picked her up at Lago das Rosas, minutes before she sent a message to her mother saying she was going to have a snack with her friends.

According to the investigation, the vehicle was already lined with a garbage bag in the trunk, where suspects placed her body to be transported to the forest site.

“Ariane was all happy to go out with her friends. We identified the driver and served a temporary arrest warrant. Immediately, he confessed the crime and presented us with the used knife, still with traces of blood,” explained the police chief.

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Police arrest three suspects in the death of a young man in Goiânia

Police arrest three suspects in the death of a young man in Goiânia

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