Guedes puts a child that is not mine on her lap

The president of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), Luiz Fux, praised the “factory of ideas”, which is the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. The two participate in a virtual event and Guedes ended up talking more than his allotted time, which reduced the participation of the head of the Judiciary. “But Guedes is my friend. He’s such a friend that he puts on his lap a child that isn’t mine,” he needled, joking.

Fux refers to the suggestion of creating a kind of “micro-parcelamento” of court orders next year to avoid the payment of legal expenses that go beyond the ceiling for the increase in public spending. The idea was presented in partnership with the CNJ (National Council of Justice).

Right after Fux’s “joke”, Guedes also replied in a joking tone. “It’s just a desperate plea for help, in no way putting the child or responsibility in your lap. It’s just that, when we’re desperate, we ask the presidents of powers for protection,” he said.

Also at the event, Fux stated that institutional dialogue depends on an assumption: democracy is non-negotiable. “All evolution and institutional dialogue depend on an assumption, which is a non-negotiable democracy, respect for democracy in an intransigent way”, he considered.

The magistrate also spoke about patrimonialism, which would be the taking of public property for personal enrichment. “This is corruption, and it requires combat in all instances,” he said. He also defended that it is necessary to put an end to benefits in Brazil. “The judiciary has an obligation to guarantee legal certainty, and this comes through stable decisions.”

The two participated in the panel ‘No time to waste: debate on the urgency of transforming Brazil and the role of institutions and the State’, held during the virtual event ‘Dialogues for a better State’, of the People ahead Movement, created by Lemann Foundation, Humanize Institute and Repú