Interned in Salvador, poet Capinan fights in court to ensure hemodialysis

Interned at Hospital Aliança, in Salvador, since May, poet and composer José Carlos Capinan, 80, has been forced to fight in court to have his right to health insurance coverage, which he has paid since 1995, guaranteed.

One of the most prominent names in Tropicália, the composer of classics such as ‘Ponteio’ (in partnership with Edu Lobo), ‘Soy loco por ti America’ and ‘Viramundo’ (with Gilberto Gil) won one of the battles to receive hemodialysis this Tuesday -Monday (14). Judge Daniela Guimarães Andrade Gonzaga granted an injunction determining a period of 24 hours for Bradesco Saúde to comply with the determination and carry out the procedures – it needs to do three sessions a week.

Another determination, issued last week, was not carried out by the plan. This time, if you continue to deny the release, there will be a precautionary blocking of the institution’s accounts in the amount of R$ 1 million. “Capinan cannot survive without hemodialysis because he has kidney failure. How come the plan he’s been paying since 1995 doesn’t want to authorize it?”, asked visual artist Bete Capinan, ex-wife of the tropicalista who follows the case closely.

To go to home care – a procedure that has already been approved –, Capinan needs the plan to authorize hemodialysis.

Specialized in health cases, lawyer Manuela Serejo said that it has been difficult to deal with the situation, since other determinations are not being complied with. “For Capinan, Bradesco Saúde is being a constant problem, because now, when he has reached the third age and most needs the plan, we have already had to file four lawsuits so that he has his rights to health and, mainly, to life preserved. ”, highlighted the professional, who works at Serejo Borges Advogados.

She commemorated the most recent decision by judge Daniela Guimarães Andrade Gonzaga, which foresees the blocking of millionaires in the plan’s accounts. “It needs to hurt in the pocket for them to comply. Now we have to wait”, declared the lawyer.

To CORREIO, Bradesco Saúde stated that “it does not comment on cases that are brought to the appreciation of the judiciary.”