Ítalo Ferreira takes risks on Letícia Bufoni’s private skate park | surfing

Italo Ferreira took a risk on the skateboard in Letícia Bufoni’s private track. The two athletes are good friends and took advantage of the WSL finals in Trestels to meet in California, where Letícia lives. Bufoni registered on his social networks the friend taking a walk and trying to do flips with his skateboard.

Letícia Bufoni and Ítalo Ferreira — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After the end of the Olympics, Letícia had already promised her friend a skateboarding lesson. They even held an “online class”, but Bufoni guaranteed that he would do it live and that he would give the Olympic medalist a new skateboard, because his “was too old”. The skater even joked with her friend saying that the promise was paid.

Italo Ferreira skates at Leticia Bufoni's house, in California

Italo Ferreira skates at Leticia Bufoni’s house, in California

Italo Ferreira took 3rd place in the WSL finals in Trestels, who took the title was Gabriel Medina. Letícia Bufoni went to the beach to watch the surfer in action accompanied by also skater Sky Brown. The two were uniformed in the crowd for Italo in the sand.

Letícia Bufoni and Sky Brown are cheering for Italo — Photo: Reproduction

While Italo rests after the end of the season, Letícia has her next appointment with SLS at the Skate Street World Championship at the end of October, in Miami, Florida.