Know who Erasmo Viana is, confirmed influencer in ‘A Fazenda 13’

Erasmus Viana, influencer, was confirmed this Tuesday (14) on the reality show “The Farm 13”. After trying to outwit him in every way on the social network, the handsome guy’s name was revealed.

The influencer became known on social networks for being the influencer’s husband, Gabriela Pugliesi, which has always been very popular in this field and consequently ended up becoming erasmus also on the web.


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They got married in 2017, in Trancoso, in a luxurious ceremony, but earlier this year they ended the relationship. Erasmus used the social network to claim that he made a mistake, but did not say what it was about.

“Some of you have seen the news that Gabi and I are splitting up, and unfortunately, it’s true. We are in this separation process. I made a serious mistake, I regretted it. We’ve already talked a lot. But, at the moment, it’s up to me to respect her decision and let time heal any wound that remained”, said at the time.

He had hoped to come back, but there was no going back. Gabriela Pugliesi she stated that she even tried to get pregnant by the influencer, but she didn’t succeed.

Stayed with Erika Schneider

In May of this year, Erasmo Viana confirmed to the website Quem who was staying with the former dancer of Faustão Erika Schneider. “Yes, we are getting to know each other better,” he commented. Erika tried not to make a fuss. “”When I’m in a serious relationship with someone, I will tell. There’s no reason to hide. It’s normal when you’re single to meet other people. I’m also not bothered by speculations about love life, as this is normal for all public figures who are single”, commented at the time.

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