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Promote support and qualification of public and philanthropic hospitals of the SUS in Paraná. This is the objective of bill 521/2019, signed by Deputy Michele Caputo (PSDB), approved in the first round of voting in the ordinary session this Wednesday (15), in the Legislative Assembly of Paraná. In the extraordinary session, also held on Wednesday, the text was amended by the plenary and, therefore, returned to the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ).

The proposal seeks to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency, effectiveness and equity in low, medium and high complexity hospitals. A general substitute for the CCJ was presented to the project, signed by the rapporteur of the matter, Deputy Homero Marchese (PROS). According to the proposal, precepts and objectives to support the qualification of public and philanthropic hospitals of the SUS in Paraná are established.

The article prioritizes the expansion and qualification of services, as well as the improvement of physical structures and acquisition of equipment; the training of professionals from the technical and management staff; fostering the improvement of the quality of health care for SUS users in the state; the increase in the supply of hospital beds; equalization of care provided by public hospitals and philanthropic regional references of low, medium and high complexity; in addition to the reduction of regional inequality in health care and the SUS care gaps in the state.

Also according to the project, the Executive Branch may, in compliance with the legislation, provide for the general standards of support and qualification of the SUS hospital network in Paraná.

“This bill transforms into law a state support and qualification policy for public and philanthropic hospitals of the SUS in Paraná. They are those who support urgent and emergency networks, especially maternal and child. These institutions are great partners of the Unified Health System, that’s why they cannot remain unattended and need to be valued”, stated deputy Michele Caputo.

“I thank the Presidency of the House and the Government Leadership, who helped us to overcome some of the project’s obstacles. I am also grateful for the participation of deputy Homero Marchese, who was the rapporteur at the CCJ and made very adequate considerations to the proposal. This is a commitment that comes in defense of public and philanthropic hospitals, which are strategic for the health of the people of Paraná”, added Caputo.

Homeschooling – Signed by 36 deputies, bill 179/2021, which establishes guidelines for home education in the context of basic education, was approved in the third round of voting after receiving 36 votes in favor and seven against. The text determines the admission of home education, under the responsibility of parents or guardians, observing the articulation, supervision and periodic evaluation of learning by educational bodies. Practice is not mandatory. Parents will be able to choose between school or home education, the option must be communicated to a competent body defined by the Executive Branch through a specific form.

The matter also determines that families who opt for home education must keep up-to-date records of the pedagogical activities developed, in addition to submitting them to the competent authorities. Even with home education, children and adolescents enrolled in the regime will be evaluated through institutional tests applied by the public education system.

The project also provides that the student’s community living in home education must be guaranteed by the parents or guardians upon proof of the student’s participation in extracurricular activities in a social and collective environment, with a minimum workload of 8 hours per month. The matter also prohibits the option of home education for parents or guardians convicted of heinous crimes related to domestic and family violence, and illicit drugs.

Signing the proposal were Deputies Cristina Silvestri (CDN) and Cantora Mara Lima (PSD), and Deputies Ademar Traiano (PSDB), Ademir Bier (PSD), Alexandre Amaro (Republicans), Colonel Lee (PSL), Cobra Repórter (PSD) , Delegate Fernando Martins (PSL), Delegate Francischini (PSL), Delegate Jacovós (PL), Do Carmo (PSL), Dr. Batista (DEM), Elio Rusch (DEM), Emerson Bacil (PSL), Gilson de Souza (PSC) ), Homero Marcehese (PROS), Ricardo Arruda (PSL), Rodrigo Estacho (PV), Soldier Fruet (PROS), Tercilio Turini (CDN), Douglas Fabrício (CDN), Reichembach (PSC), Rooster (PODE), Paulo Litro (PSDB), Private Adriano José (PV), Sub-lieutenant Everton (PSL), Plauto Miró (DEM), Marcio Pacheco (PDT), Nelson Luersen (PDT), Luiz Carlos Martins (PP), Gilberto Ribeiro (PP), Mauro Moraes (PSD), Jonas Guimarães (PSB), Francisco Bührer (PSD), Boca Aberta Junior (PROS) and Evandro Araújo (PSC).

Executive power – Bill 291/2021, of the Executive Branch, provides for the granting and maintenance of retirement to the Public Servants of Justice and the Holders of Notarial and Registrar Services of Paraná, not remunerated by the public coffers, was approved in second and third votes in the Wednesday’s sessions. The text advanced with a plenary amendment presented by the leader of the Government in the House, Deputy Hussein Bakri (PSD), which determines that the administration fee due to PARANÁPREVIDÊNCIA is borne by active, inactive and pensioners and servicers and registrars at a rate of 1% additional, according to legislation.

The bill 337/2021, also signed by the Executive, provides for the rules pertaining to discounts and consignment on payrolls of civil and military servants, active and inactive, as well as pensioners of pension generators in the State of Paraná , was approved in the first round. In the extraordinary session, when it would be voted on in the second discussion, the text was amended by the plenary and, therefore, returned to the CCJ. The proposal amends State Law 13.740/2002 and, according to the Government, will expand the possibilities of using the benefit card, which is already available for use by the State civil servant, guaranteeing the possibility of installment payments for the acquisition of goods and services.

Properties – The proposals of the Executive Power that deal with the donation of properties by the State to the municipalities of Marialva (PL 390/2021), Manfrinópolis (PL 392/2021), Mariópolis (PL 401/2021) and Rio Bonito do Iguaçu passed in second vote. (PL 402/2021). Projects that authorize the transfer of properties to the municipality of Leópolis (PL 398/2021) and to the Association of Parents and Friends of the Specialized in Formosa do Oeste (PL 399/2021) also advanced in the second round. With the waivers from voting on the final drafts approved, the five proposals go on to sanction, or veto, by the State Government.

Bill 407/2021, from the Executive Branch, which authorizes the donation of property to the municipality of Tibagi, was approved in the first and second rounds of sessions this Wednesday. With the waiver of voting on the final approved text, the matter goes to sanction, or veto, by the State Government.

Calendar – Finally, the third discussion approved the bill 872/2019, by Deputy Gilberto Ribeiro (PP), which institutes the State Week of the Kidney, Combating Chronic Kidney Failure and the Transplanted Patient, to be held annually in the second week of the month of March.

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