Maitê Proença cites ‘exposed intimacy and withdrawal’ after a romance with Adriana Calcanhotto leaked: ‘I’ve been writing’

Maitê Proença gave a vent after the information leaked that she and Adriana Calcanhoto are having a romance. The relationship has ended up gaining news and public interest since it came to light last Friday. The actress made a post on her Instagram profile saying that the time is now for recollection after having “her intimacy exposed”.

“I have a somewhat recurrent mechanism: when my intimacies are exposed, I gather and rearrange the internal walls. I’ve been writing. Maybe something wild will come out. But it’s also possible that everything will end up in the trash,” said Maitê, also posting images of a horse wild with music in the background.

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Maitê Proença and Adriana Calcanhoto appear together
Maitê Proença and Adriana Calcanhoto appear together Photo: reproduction/ TikTok

behind the scenes of the novel

Maitê Proença had already been complaining publicly about the difficulty of finding new love during the pandemic. Adriana, who was widowed in 2015 after the death of her wife, Suzana de Moraes, has since been divided between Brazil and Portugal, where she teaches at the University of Coimbra. Due to social isolation, he was no longer able to travel and stayed here longer. Zé Maurício Machline, a great friend of both, ended up joining the two in the many meetings he has both at his home in Angra and in the one he has in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Among the guests, director Giovanni Bianco and actress Alice Wegmann are also usually present.

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Adriana Calcanhoto and Maitê Proença: novel
Adriana Calcanhoto and Maitê Proença: novel Photo: reproduction/ instagram

The most recent of these took place on the September 7th holiday. Adriana Calcanhotto and Clara Buarque, daughter of Carlinhos Brown, appeared together singing “Vai saber”, a samba composed by the singer from Rio Grande do Sul, and the duet was posted (and witnessed) by Maitê Proença on her Instagram profile. “Too late… in the afternoon. Too much! And around us,” captioned the actress.

The romance between the actress and the singer was revealed by the magazine ” Veja” and, at the publication, Maitê Proença, when asked about the new relationship, just said: “I’m not very open about my intimacy, I prefer to preserve some matters” .