Maitê Proença speaks out after her relationship with Adriana Calcanhottto is exposed

The actress Maitê Proença used her social networks this Tuesday (14), to let her followers out. after having seen his intimacy exposed recently in the media. In a post on his Instagram profile, Maitê Proença spoke about the current moment of withdrawal and the writing process he has been going through:

“I have a somewhat recurrent mechanism: when my intimacies are exposed, I withdraw and rearrange the internal walls. I’ve been writing. Maybe something wild will come out. But it’s also possible that everything ends up in the trash”, declared the artist. Along with the text, Proença shared a video of a horse running on a paradisiacal beach.

In the comments of the famous publication, followers praised Maitê and wished him well: “Maite, don’t worry about what you’re thinking, use this time to be happier and happier. In the end, your tickets are you who pays. And screw the rest”, said a netizen on Instagram.

I’m delighted by the latest news… I sent the family group and everyone fell in love together. Don’t hide, but don’t throw words in the trash either. You are more! God is plus!”, praised another. “It is important to be happy, love will always be love regardless of anything!”, highlighted another fan of the artist.

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Understand the case:

Veja magazine published last week that the veteran actress would be living a romance with the singer Adriana Calcanhotto. Who would have been the cupid of the new relationship, was the ex-husband of Maitê Proença, the businessman José Maurício Machline, who would have presented the two at his mansion in Angra dos Reis.

When questioned by the publication about the possible relationship, Maitê changed the subject and said she preferred not to talk about some intimate matters: “I’m not very open about my intimacy, I prefer to preserve some subjects”. In a post on his Instagram profile, Calcanhoto echoed the Veja Magazine article in an ironic way: “I told Veja that Maitê told Veja”, he wrote.

Adriana Calcanhoto is a widow. She was married for five years to the daughter of the famous composer and singer, Vinícius de Morais, filmmaker Suzana de Morais, who died in 2015, aged 74, due to a respiratory infection caused by endometrial cancer. Suzana and Adriana had been together since 1985 and had the life of a very discreet couple.

Maitê Proença, on the other hand, has always been seen in relationships with males. After returning from Paris in 1982, for 12 years, he lived with businessman Paulo Marinho. From the relationship, the actress’s only daughter, Maria, was born in 1990. In 1995 she had a romance with fellow actor, Victor Fasano. Zé Maurício, cupid of Maitê and Calcanhoto’s relationship, also dated the veteran actress for a few years.

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