Nego do Borel is accused of harassment after petting participant

The reality show A Fazenda 13 premiered this Tuesday (14) and the public does not let anything go unnoticed. The participants Solange Gomes, Borel, Victor Pecoraro, Mussunzinho and Dayane Mello form the first stall. During the night, the funkeiro’s behavior with Dayane caught the attention of pay-per-view viewers.

While they were lying down to sleep, the funkeiro caressed Dayane on the face. In the video, she appears uncomfortable with having Nego with his hands on the back of her neck and soon pushes the singer away, holding him by the wrist. In the stall, pedestrians need to share the same bed, so it’s common not to have space for everyone.

On Twitter, netizens criticized Nego do Borel’s posture within A Fazenda 13. “It’s for these things that I disgust man“, wrote a follower. “take her hand“, said another follower. “What a scrot* face! Dayane has to get out of this stall soon“, commented one more profile. “I hate that male scrot*“says another.


The funkeiro has been involved in controversies of this type before A Fazenda. Duda Reis, former girlfriend of Nego do Borel, accused him of aggression and threats. The two had a troubled relationship. On Instagram she vented. “I did suffer aggression. I am a victim of verbal, physical aggression. It wasn’t just once“, he said. Duda also filed a police report against Nego do Borel.

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Duda claimed to the authorities of the Women’s Police Station, in Rio de Janeiro, that she was drugged and raped by her ex-fiancé during a trip to Portugal. He toured the country in 2019. According to Duda, she was using the drug alprazolam, indicated to combat anxiety attacks and panic disorder.

Duda Reis also reported that the medication was used under a doctor’s recommendation and should take only 2 mg per day. However, during the trip, Nego do Borel would have encouraged her to increase the dose. Duda says that she took 8 mg and got high.

Also according to Duda Reis, while she was in these conditions, the funkeiro would have had sex with her without consent. She says she asked him to stop and he didn’t. The prosecution constituted a crime of rape. According to the police report, the influencer was attacked on that same trip to Portugal.

During the same trip, the author [Nego do Borel] forced the victim to accompany him to a show and that, given the victim’s refusal, the perpetrator pushed her against a coat rack where they were. She fell to the ground, resulting in injury to her back and legs.“says the document.

Even injured, the victim was still forced to accompany him to the show, she was drugged by the drug alprazolam, but along the way asked to get out of the vehicle and return to the hotel. When stopping the vehicle, the author forced her to leave, but she refused. The team that was with the author prevented him from abandoning her in a deserted place. The author said that psychological and emotional crises were nonsense“says the bulletin.

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