Nenê agreed to reduce salary by more than 70% in Serie B to change Fluminense for Vasco | Vasco

Flirting was old, but dating and marriage happened quickly. Nenê surprised, terminated with Fluminense and is back at Vasco after almost four years. A quick negotiation that weighed the player’s desire. To return to São Januário, he agreed to reduce his salary by more than 70% at first.

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The contract signed at the home of director Alexandre Bird this Tuesday night, just over an hour after the termination with Fluminense, runs until December 2022 and foresees different scenarios. If Vasco gets access to Serie A, Nenê will have his salary readjusted as of January, compatible with the club’s revenue increase. At the moment, Nenê’s salary represents almost 10% of what he received on his first visit to São Januário.

Nenê will receive at Vasco around 30% of what he earned at Fluminense — Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

The agreement also provides for productivity goals. Even if Nenê fulfills them and Vasco returns to the First Division, the salary will be practically half of what the athlete received in Laranjeiras.

– We don’t have to think (about not going up). But of course it’s a possibility. Everything is already discussed for next year. If staying in Serie B is one thing, getting up is another. I imagine that with other players it is also like this – said Nenê, in his presentation.

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The identification with Vasco and the mobilization of the fans were definitive for the success, but other issues were important. Featured last year, Nenê lost space and was no longer playing with the regularity he wanted at Fluminense. Furthermore, his contract would expire at the end of the year and there was no indication that it would be renewed. At 40, the possibility of continuing to play at a high level until the end of 2022 captivated the athlete.

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See Nenê’s top 10 goals with Vasco’s shirt

The arrival of Fernando Diniz also accelerated the process. The hiring of Nenê by Vasco was still a possibility in Lisca’s time. However, the coach, who resigned last week, was not thrilled with the name. Fernando Diniz, who worked with the midfielder at Fluminense, gave the endorsement, and the negotiation took place in a few days.

– Was fast. The decisive moment arrived, the thing started to heat up. I talked to Fluminense, two days later we were working on it and yesterday (Tuesday) I signed the termination and signed it with Vasco. After Diniz arrived, things moved. Accelerated, he likes my work.

The contract was signed on Tuesday night, at Bird’s house, just over an hour after the termination with Fluminense — Photo: Disclosure

One of those responsible for taking Nenê to São Paulo in 2018, director Alexandre Bird celebrated the agreement.

– Special day. It was our wish for some time, we had been monitoring it. When it became possible, we did it quickly. Sometimes we prefer to wait longer to close the contract we want, not the one we have – said Bird.

Banner Vasco — Photo: Disclosure