Popó’s son engages in a romance with a boy who studies medicine

Juan Freitas, son of ex-boxer Popó, is dating Matheus Azevedo, a young college friend of his. Both are studying medicine in Salvador.

The two are discreet about their relationship on Instagram, posting few photos. Even so, Matheus made a point of honoring his beloved, who had his birthday this Tuesday (14).

“Happy birthday to this amazing person I love so much,” he declared on the web, along with pictures of the two. The record was shared by Juan, amid the tributes of friends and family.

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On the page of the fllho de Popó there is an image of the two poses, in front of the sea, during a sunset. “He was the first to call me Zezé Pêra,” commented Juan about the clique, which received support from friends. “Beautiful”, “perfect”, they wrote about the couple.