Production catches Erasmo’s attention for talk about BBB

In a chat in the living room of the house of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), Erasmo was reprimanded by the production when talking to his ex-brother Arcrebiano about “BBB 21”, a reality show on TV Globo.

Bil spoke about the climate in the region of the rural reality show and commented on the fact that the house was “cold”, due to the air conditioning.

“But there in the other one, there, it happened straight away, right, brother?”, asked Erasmo, referring to the house of “Big Brother Brasil”.

“It’s different there, it’s hot there,” Arcrebiano replied.

The two continued talking about the environment of the TV Globo reality house, when the sound of the live broadcast was muted. The moment the sound returned, Erasmus was talking about an apparent “scolding” from the production.

“It was, of course it was, I just spoke with Bil. But I didn’t even speak to the station, old man,” he lamented.

“We have to learn what, when listening, not responding,” said another pawn.

“Doesn’t this generate punishment or is there still no punishment?”, asked Liziane. “I think these little things don’t generate punishment,” replied one girl.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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