Revolted by the request for impeachment, deputy pursues and curses his colleague in the Chamber

BRASÍLIA — Revolted by the opinion calling for his mandate to be revoked for breach of decorum, deputy Boca Aberta (PROS-PR) lost his composure once again and went after the rapporteur of his case at the Chamber’s Ethics Council, Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP). This Wednesday, uttering a series of curses, the congressman chased his colleague through the corridors of the House. Known for his aggressive temperament, Boca Aberta is the target of representation precisely for trying to attack and curse servers.

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Contained by advisers, the deputy from Paraná called Leite into the fight. After the collegiate session, he called the reporter a “bandit” and a “vagabundo”. In addition, he brought charges against his family members. The scene was recorded by an advisor to Alexandre Leite. Sought by GLOBO, the DEM congressman sent a note about the episode.

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“Cornered by the process that is taking place at the Ethics Council, for which I am rapporteur, Deputy Boca Aberta launched hysterical and lying attacks against me and my family. This is the typical reaction of those who are at risk of impeachment and have no alternative but an unfair and slanderous attack. I will not bow to these bravado and insults, I will continue to act fairly and correctly in the Ethics Council, even if the final decision is for the deputy’s impeachment”, wrote Leite.

Advisers and assistants try to contain the PROS-RS congressman in the corridors of the Chamber of Deputies.  Deputy Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP) is accused by Boca Aberta for the crime of 'cracking' in São Paulo.
Advisers and assistants try to contain the PROS-RS congressman in the corridors of the Chamber of Deputies. Deputy Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP) is accused by Boca Aberta for the crime of ‘cracking’ in São Paulo.

For the second time in this legislature, Alexandre Leite presents a vote in the council to revoke his colleague’s mandate. In the first, in 2019, the councilors, in an agreement, transformed the punishment into suspension of term for six months. Mouth Open, even so, appealed to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) and managed to get the case back to the collegiate. Now, the rapporteur, once again, defends the loss of the mandate of the congressman from Paraná.

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Leite lists four reasons to defend the annulment of Boca Aberta’s mandate: deceiving the Supreme Court with bad faith litigation, defrauding the progress of the council’s work, abuse of prerogatives by invading a hospital in the interior of Paraná and presenting a fraudulent document.

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“There is an affront to the ethical and moral values ​​of the community, a behavior contrary to what the average man himself perceives as reasonable, an act capable of compromising society’s perception of Parliament. The commission of improper actions by congressmen produces, as a side effect , a damage to the social image enjoyed by the Legislative. The institution is harmed by the actions of its members”, says Alexandre Leite in his vote.

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During the session this Wednesday, Mouth Open asked for the floor to try to disqualify the rapporteur, a fact that generated the reaction of the president of the collegiate.

– I hope that (going forward) Your Excellency will use the time to defend himself. The one represented here is your excellency. If by any chance you have any consideration for Mr Alexandre, this is not the stage. If you want to represent against the deputy, let him represent. At this moment, deputy Alexandre enjoys all the trust of the council — said Paulo Azi (DEM-BA), who commands the council’s work.

This Wednesday, the opinion against Boca Aberta was removed from the council’s agenda. Parliamentarians await the outcome of the decision of the Electoral Court.

At the end of last month, Boca Aberta had the diploma of deputy revoked by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The Court considered him ineligible for two reasons: a criminal conviction for slanderous denunciation and the annulment of the mandate of councilor in Londrina, in 2017.

With this, the Board of Directors of the Chamber must summon the alternate from Mouth Open. According to Leite, the process that deals with the TSE’s decision runs in the Chamber’s Internal Affairs.