SP will stop mixing AstraZeneca with Pfizer in 2nd dose

The state of São Paulo should stop mixing doses between AstraZeneca and Pfizer after the arrival of a new shipment of the immunizing agent produced by Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation). The government of São Paulo today received 456 thousand units, which should be distributed starting tomorrow.

The state decided to apply the interchangeability of vaccines earlier this week in those who had the second incomplete dose because of the delay in the delivery of AstraZeneca by Fiocruz, credited to the lack of raw material. It was already foreseen that the measure would be valid for those who were delayed by D2 between the 1st and 15th of September.

“We will go back to using the AstraZeneca vaccine to complete the vaccination schedule for those who need and have these vaccines to be won from now on,” declared Regiane de Paula, coordinator of the PEI (State Immunization Plan), at a press conference today.

With the normalization of distribution, the PEI should send the doses to the municipalities between today and tomorrow. Whoever took the first dose of AstraZeneca and has a delayed schedule should take the second dose of Fiocruz.

“The movements are always joint, never isolated. The grids are sent in a timely manner. It’s no use getting an AstraZeneca grid today when it should have been done on Friday. So, as an emergency, we use the Pfizer vaccine,” declared the PEI coordinator.

With the normalization of shipments, Pfizer’s immunizing agent will once again be destined only for teenagers and a second dose. “The PEI sent the vaccine grade to the teenagers — this has some time to happen — before the start of this vaccination. This Pfizer vaccine, for the teenager, is not compromised in anything”, declared Regiane.

AstraZeneca Shortage

The problem for applying the second dose occurred in several states, so much so that the Ministry of Health, the PEI and the Scientific Committee of São Paulo approved the interchangeability, already suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization).

On the morning of last Friday (10), the UOL checked the offer of different vaccines in São Paulo on the website “De Olho na Fila”, the “vaccine filometer”, and verified shortages of CoronaVac, but mainly of AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

Of the capital’s 560 vaccination sites, there was no AstraZeneca in 548, or 98% of the posts. Pfizer was also missing from 485 units (87%) and CoronaVac from 64 addresses (11%).

The municipal secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, said it was not the fault of the Ministry of Health. UOL News, he estimated that the capital of São Paulo alone needs 340,000 doses of AstraZeneca to vaccinate this week’s backlogs and avoid setbacks from Monday onwards.

Going according to the position of the São Paulo Health Department, the state government sees the Ministry of Health as being responsible.

“The ministry had a perspective of sending doses by state in a certain quantity (…), then you schedule the vaccination and in the following month it cuts 30%”, he told the UOL the executive secretary of the State Health Department, Eduardo Ribeiro.