Wesley Safadão provides clarification on vaccination against Covid at the Anti-Corruption Police Station – Metro

The singer wesley naughty attended the Anti-Corruption Police this Wednesday morning (15) to testify about the case involving the vaccination of him and his wife, the influencer Thyane Dantas, against Covid-19 in Fortaleza. He left the site without giving interviews on the subject.

wesley naughty

The report sought out Wesley Safadão’s advisors to talk about the matter, but the singer’s team said they will not comment. In addition to the artist, Sabrina Tavares Brandão, the singer’s producer, who was vaccinated on the same day and location, also entered the investigation of the case and attended the Anti-Corruption Police this Wednesday (15).

In a statement, the Civil Police of the State of Ceará (PC-CE), through the Police Combat to Corruption (Decor), informed that two people were heard in the inquiry that investigates the circumstances of the vaccination of Thyane, Wesley and Sabrina. According to the statement, the investigation is in the process of conclusion.

Inquiry target

The couple became the target of a police investigation last July 15, days after Wesley Safadão was immunized outside the place established by the City of Fortaleza, while Thyane received a single dose of immunobiological in advance.

Wesley Safadão received a dose of the immunizing agent against Covid-19 outside the place provided by the City of Fortaleza


At the time, the artist’s wife, who is 30 years old, was not yet included in the age group included in the lists published daily by the municipal authorities, which inform who should attend the vaccination sites. This Wednesday (15), she did not go to the police station with her husband.

Wesley, who was among the established by age, was named on the list, but attended the vaccination at a mall while he was scheduled for the Ceará Events Center.

SMS investigation

The Municipal Health Department of Fortaleza (SMS) pointed out two outsourced employees and a civil servant in the municipality for “functional irregularity” amid suspicions of inadequate vaccination.

The folder published the information in the Official Gazette of the Municipality nº 17.137, of September 6, 2021, and reported that the two outsourced workers must be returned to the contracting company. The server must go through a Disciplinary Administrative Procedure (PAD).

See time of vaccination:

Couple, producer and health professionals were heard in a police inquiry.

MPCE continues with Criminal Investigative Procedure

The vaccination process against Covid-19 by the influencer Thyane Dantas, the singer Wesley Safadão and the artist’s producer, Sabrina Tavares, is also under investigation by the Public Ministry of the State of Ceará (MPCE).

According to the MPCE, 11 people were heard on August 12 and 18, including the three involved in the case and some civil servants in Fortaleza.

On August 26, the Covid-19 Working Group — formed by prosecutors — two other witnesses were scheduled to be heard, including a representative from the Fortaleza Institute of Weights and Measures (Ipem-Fort).

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