WhatsApp tests option to search business phones in São Paulo | Technology

WhatsApp announced this Wednesday (15) the arrival of a feature that remember the phone books.

When pressing to start a new conversation, people will have the option to search for nearby businesses, which will return with stores that use the “Business” version of the app.

The novelty is still in the testing phase. Initially, it will only work in São Paulo and among users of the beta version.

According to the application, companies in the so-called expanded center of the city of São Paulo can subscribe to the “business guide”.

By choosing the option of “close businesses”, people will be able to select between categories or all the stores that are within a certain radius – WhatsApp did not reveal what the limit is.

According to the leader of the app, Will Cathcard, WhatsApp will not record the location of users when using the resource, nor which businesses were accessed.

The executive said that “like everything they do in the application”, the tool was built in a private way. The application was criticized in early 2021 precisely for making changes to its privacy policy, which provided for the sharing of more information with Facebook and rules for accounts that interacted with profiles of the “Business” version.

The news generated controversy, reactions from data protection agencies around the world and distrust among users, who started downloading competing applications. In the face of resistance, the application extended the term so that everyone “had more time to understand the policy”.

The new terms have been in effect around the world since May 15, but those who have not accepted continue to use the service without restrictions. WhatsApp recently agreed to update its privacy policy in Brazil following recommendations made by public bodies.

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