16-year-old surfer attacked by shark on US beach; video

A 16-year-old surfer survived a shark attack in the United States. Doyle Nielsen was paddling in the choppy waters of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, when he felt something in his right arm.

“It felt like it was another surfboard coming at full speed towards me, hitting me really hard,” the young man told Good Morning America. “Then someone yelled, ‘There’s a shark, get out of there.’ And I realized what it was,” he continued.

The animal ended up biting Nielsen’s right arm, but the surfer managed to get out of the water before anything worse happened. In all, he needed nine stitches.

The moment of the attack was captured by a cameraman, Sam Scribner, who posted the video on social media in hopes of discovering the young man was okay. “I sincerely hope the boy is not too scared by the bite, and that he is able to get back into the water as soon as possible,” he wrote.

Despite the scare, he said he will return to the waters soon, but in a more cautious way. “I’ll definitely be surfing again, but I know this will affect my mindset,” he told Good Morning America.

New Smyrna Beach is known as the ‘shark bite capital of the world’ because of the number of attacks that take place there. The water is also often cloudy, which makes it difficult to see the animals.