500GB SSD to be released for Xbox Series X|S soon

Product was seen listed at one European retailer for 155 euros and at another for 170 euros

We can have a new partnership between seagate and Microsoft for the launch of a new model of external memory card for memory expansion, the infamous proprietary SSD that integrates the portfolio of accessories for the Xbox Series, the new product would have 500 GB, half the storage space of the option currently sold which has 1 TB, which has a suggested price in the United States of US$219.99 and is found in Brazil for more than 2,000 reais.

This news comes from xboxsquad via tweaktown who report having found the product listed in the French video game store Micromania, which is well-regarded in the country, the product appears in the listing for the value of 154.99 euros, expected to be launched on November 14, when the console will have a year of life on the market. The product was also seen listed in another store for the value of 169.99 euros, which gives greater credibility to the information.

The lack of options to expand the console’s storage is due to the need to use a proprietary SSD, Microsoft chose not to put any expansion mode with conventional SSDs, as there is in the PlayStation 5, which even enabled this function this week after 10 months of console release.

So far the Microsoft and the seagate have not commented on this alleged leak, but after almost one of the launch of the Xbox Series, there has been no new announcement regarding an external SSD for the console, leaving only the version originally released with 1TB that does not give customers many options .

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Even in both Brazil and the United States, the price of an Xbox Series S with a 1 TB proprietary card exceeds the value charged on the Xbox Series X.

We’ve already tested it here on Adrenaline the performance of Seagate’s memory expansion for the Xbox Series and we have a video explaining in detail how it works, you can check it out by clicking here. We also have an article where we show you how to install an SSD on PlayStation 5 and its performance.

What did you think of the possibility of a new external SSD coming to the Xbox Series? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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Via: tweaktown, xboxsquad