Agnaldo Timóteo’s mansion in RJ undergoes another invasion attempt; video · TV news

Agnaldo Timóteo’s mansion (1936-2021), located in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, suffered another invasion attempt at dawn on Tuesday (14). According to a security guard who lives there, a man climbed over the property wall. The official suspected the noise and turned on the lights, which startled the miscreant. On the run, the criminal left a bunch of keys behind. Detail: the keys found are for the house.

To TV news, Sidnei Lobo Pedroso, inventor of the interpreter’s inheritance and tutor of Keyty Evelyn, the artist’s adopted daughter, confirmed the incident. There are no relatives of the musician living in the residence, only the responsible security guard remains in place.

“They jumped over the wall and threw a coat. They couldn’t get in because, in addition to the lock, I put a chain. As the guy tried to open it and couldn’t, he jumped. He jumped and made a noise. Security turned on the lights, and the guy jumped the gate and left. Now, do you know what was inside the coat of the guy who tried to break in? The keys to Agnaldo’s house.

In videos sent to the report, the property security shows details of the attempted invasion. Minutes after the incident, the professional narrates that a man threw objects to hit and scare the local dogs. Then the criminal jumped the wall. The noise caught the attention of the watchman, who turned on all the lights in the property.

The bandit then jumped the wall again and ran away. When faced with the objects that had been thrown in the yard, the security guard located pieces of wood and a coat. In the garment’s pocket, he found a set of keys. In the recording, he shows that they open the main gate of the mansion.

This is the third attempted invasion of Timothy’s mansion. In late August, a couple reportedly climbed over a wall to vandalize the property. Suspects set fire to the mansion’s sale sign. A week earlier, the property had been attacked and broken glass. “I had to change the locks and put in an internal circuit [de câmeras]”, recalls Lobo.

Last month, Timóteo’s inventor filed a police report on the case at the 16th Precinct, in Barra da Tijuca. Faced with this new attempt, he is in contact with the police to report the new episode.

In the report, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro confirmed that it has been investigating the occurrences since last month. “According to the 16th DP [Barra da Tijuca], the case was registered on the 31st of August and investigations are underway”, they inform in a note.

Family members suspect that the vandalism was motivated by the distribution of the singer’s inheritance, valued at R$16 million. Just in August, the Court recognized Keyty as one of the heirs — she was created by the artist since the age of two.

The whole issue with Timoteo’s house takes place in the midst of this fight. This week, it was reported that a man from Rio de Janeiro went to court to enter the dispute for the inheritance. He claims to be the musician’s son and asks for a DNA test to prove the link. The case runs in secrecy of Justice in the Judiciary of Rio de Janeiro.

Watch videos of the attempted invasion: