Citroën may surprise with SUV bigger than Cactus and new sedan

Citroën may surprise with SUV bigger than Cactus and new sedan

Citroën unveiled the first product in a range of three new models aimed at emerging markets. Called C-Cubed, the brand’s proposal for the double chevron could surprise with an SUV bigger than the C4 Cactus, as well as a new sedan.

In India, there is talk of an access sedan that allows Citroën to guarantee volume. As you know, some popular brands are migrating to segments above 4 meters.

One of the most recent examples of development is the so-called Skoda Slavia, which will be a localized variant of the Volkswagen Virtus, made by the German brand at Anchieta.

Citroën already has a few sedans in its history, with the compact C3L being a trunk-highlighted version of the C3 XR local crossover. An adventurer, he is far from any C-Cubed proposal, even with INPI registration.

As Citroën could not get the C-Elyseé – still sold in Iran – the proposal may meet Slavia, with a compact on the CMP base with really interesting dimensions.

Given that Citroën is always looking to be bold in its lines, imagining this new car in a four-door coupe profile would be nothing strange, having a base of 2.655 m and with a size between 4.48 m and 4.59 m.

Citroën may surprise with SUV bigger than Cactus and new sedan

The larger size and the ski profile, with external and internal details that “win” the customer just by looking, would be an asset for those who want to get out of the same. Citroën would only adjust costs for India as well as Brazil.

In the other C-Cubed proposal, the C4 Cactus appears as a succession target, but with the successor to the Renegade possibly a little bigger than the current one, no more than 4.30 m, the door to a larger SUV at Citroën would be open.

Compass’s rival? Not so much. A Citroën SUV measuring 4.38 m or 4.40 m in length, but aimed at a young proposal and bold style, maybe even with some bold curves, would make sense and not crash head-on with the Jeep.

In this proposal, he would end up eliminating the need for a C5 Aircross in the region, which should no longer spend its Latin in these parts. In India, it would succeed the current C5 Aircross, which arrived there last year and whose generation is from 2017. In other words, we are talking about 2024.

Therefore, another idea would be to advance the product (in size) over the Compass, with something between 4.45 m and 4.50 m, boasting the same coupe proposal or focusing on a more familiar and not so premium car.

The current generation European C4 would be an interesting option, but it was designed for that region, even if it uses the CMP. Anyway, we can expect more boldness in the next C-Cubed proposals than in relation to the New C3.

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