City Hall releases public for Vasco’s game as test event, on Sunday | Rio de Janeiro

Vasco fansAgency The Day

Published 17/09/2021 09:07

Rio – The City Hall of Rio authorized the public for the match between Vasco and Cruzeiro, on Sunday, at 4 pm, in São Januário, for the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. The municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, stated that the game will serve as a test event, as well as last Wednesday (15) between Flamengo and Grêmio at Maracanã. On Thursday, Vasco had filed a request for release. There are still no details about the capacity limit.

Confident in the release, the cruzmaltina board was already articulating behind the scenes to start selling tickets for the confrontation with Cruzeiro. Vasco’s last game with the public took place on March 12, 2020, with the presence of 17,000 fans in São Januário, in the 1-0 defeat by Goiás.

“It is important that the specialists who are analyzing the event look at the numbers. With them, we will have clear and objective information on what actually happened at the event (Wednesday’s match at Maracanã). We insisted a lot that The test event is very important. Vasco was released today, and we are going to start working on these safer, more organized environments. It is very important that we start looking at these events in a different way,” said the municipal secretary of Health, during a presentation of the new Epidemiological Bulletin.

Vascaíno, Mayor Eduardo Paes learned of the public release during the press conference and celebrated the news. He also praised the organization of Flamengo’s board in relation to the game at Maracanã, which received just over 6,000 people. According to data from the Municipal Health Department, 0.9% of fans did not enter the stadium because they were positive for covid-19; another 0.7% of workers also did not access the site because they were positive.

“Full respect, dialogue with the Municipal Health Department, permanent search to meet all requirements, which are not simple and make the event more expensive. And we didn’t have any gesture from Flamengo that tried to economize or cheat. Much of the protocol was proposed even by the Flamengo itself. God willing, we’ll have many Flamengo games at Maracanã. Of course I’ll be rooting for Vasco in São Januário, but as mayor of the Cariocas it’s a joy to see the Nation at Maracanã,” said the mayor.