Edmundo’s ex reveals death threat and recalls the former player’s rejection of his son | Soccer

Cristina Mortágua, ex of Edmundo

Cristina Mortágua, ex of Edmundo

Cristina Mortagua,
ex of Edmundo
and the mother of one of his children, Alexandre Mortágua, talked about the regrets of her life. She classified herself as an “idiot” for not imposing herself and for having let herself be taken in by the “idiotic prejudices of this hypocritical society”. She mentioned that she was abused in the past and that, when she was pregnant with Alexander, she was threatened with death. He also spoke about raising and educating his son (now 26), despite Edmundo’s rejection and the story becoming public.

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“I was abused, with subtlety, at home, I could have had the end of Eliza Samudio (ex of goalkeeper Bruno, who was killed in 2010) because a ‘fish’ took the pains of her father and threatened me with death, still bellyed, no Is it Mr. Pedro? I don’t believe and I’m almost sure that the child’s father wouldn’t give a command like that, he, oddly enough, has a good heart, he just can’t touch his pocket”, says Cristina, on the web, referring to if to Edmundo.

She adds that she felt guilty for having to raise and raise the child alone. Reality of many women. In her case, however, she says she had to deal publicly with the former player’s rejection.

“How much guilt I carried having to raise a child alone. Normal for many women, but for a woman who had a child by a football idol who publicly rejected him… And the media didn’t have the mercy to preserve a pregnant woman and a woman child in the belly. There is no greater pain. I would wake up and go to sleep to fill that boy with love, because I didn’t have any in childhood,” she continues, recalling her own story.

Cristina’s collapse occurred in a publication in which she congratulates Anitta for her career achievements. Because, as she says, the artist was successful in overcoming prejudices and criticism and moving on.

“I’m also a fan of the fuck philosophy, but lately I’ve been quiet and swallowed more (…). I look at you beautiful and I see how stupid I was to let myself be taken in by the prejudices of this hypocritical society,” he concluded.