Fazenda 13: Liziane Gutierrez recalls errors in facial harmonization and cites frightening complications: “I got monstrous”; watch

At dawn this Thursday (16), Liziane Gutierrez opened up about the problems she faced after cosmetic procedures that went wrong. While talking to Aline Mineiro in “A Fazenda 13”, the influencer gave a surprising account about the rejections after failure of a facial harmonization.

According to Gutierrez, she even needed an operation. “I did harmonization in 2018 and then I had a problem, I had to cut it. I cut my entire mouth off. was the excess [que causou rejeição]. There is a medical report”, she explained, who said she had taken the appropriate measures for what happened. “I’m processing. So, I don’t know how much we can put, the person who is undergoing the procedure has to know and have the discernment”, he added.

Liziane Farm2
Liziane Gutierrez said her face was deformed after a rejection in an aesthetic procedure. (Photo: Playback/R7/PlayPlus)

According to her, shortly after the procedure it was already possible to notice that things started to get out of control. “When the problem started, he [médico] said it’s allergy, allergy, allergy. I became monstrous. my mouth was like this [torta]. It was horrible”, Liziane recalled. “When I had the surgery, the next day I traveled to the United States. I was just feeling a lot of tingling at the beginning. Then, it swelled, swelled and my face was deformed”, he added.

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In the United States, a photo of his deformed face was released by TMZ. Soon, the leaked image was all over the international press. “It came out of this stuff in the United States, it’s like I was a sub from the sub-celebrity there. I had a monstrous face at the doctor and I don’t know if it was a nurse or a patient, but my whole monstrous face ended up in the media“, she said. To this day, headline records are still on the air.

Liziane Tmz
Due to the problems after the procedures, Liziane Gutierrez made news in the international media. (Photo: Reproduction/TMZ)

Gutierrez stated that the Brazilian doctor insisted on excusing himself from guilt. “He sent Gretchen to come talk to me that it was an allergy. Until the doctors in the United States said it wasn’t an allergy. Then I started to withdraw. It hurt absurdly”, told the pawn.

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More recently, Liziane had to undergo more surgeries to remove traces of the applied products, which would have caused her even more pain. “For a while now, I started to feel a lot of pain. It was the product that could no longer be removed in the office. That was really bothering me. Then I wanted to make my nose, because it is crooked. But then my doctor said: ‘Man, I can’t’”, she reported, explaining that she had to open the side of her face to remove the products. What a situation…

Watch an excerpt from the video below:

Since Liziane Gutierrez entered rural reality, there have been several comments about her appearance on social media. This Wednesday (15), the participant’s team issued a statement in repudiation of the attacks. “We repudiate any act of bullying, hate attacks and cyberbullying against the participant of ‘A Fazenda 13’. The act of insulting, humiliating and practicing psychological violence on the internet is also considered a crime and violates the model’s moral integrity.”, started the note.

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The text also stated that those involved can be held responsible for the comments. “We are taking the appropriate legal measures and collecting all the necessary information about the users who carry out the action. The right to moral integrity is everyone’s right, it concerns their honour, freedom, image and name. We will not tolerate profanity or humiliating our client”, said the statement. And concluded: “Judging someone by their appearance is foul play and we won’t accept it”.