”I reached a certain despair”

From the duo with Israel, Rodolffo vents about life before fame and the difficulty to score his first hit on the charts

During the Chat with Bial last wednesday, 15, Rodolff Matthaws (32) revealed the frustrations he was going through with his partner, Israel (32) in the quest for fame.

With years of career together, the duo couldn’t make a big hit that would mark their rise to stardom, making the trajectory a constant struggle.

Every year when we were going to record an album, we created an expectation that it would be a key career change. And we always frustrated”, confessed the heartthrob.

I took a walk at sunset and it made me want to pray, ask Him to [Deus] bless, show some way. I got to a certain despair, let’s say, in the desire for success so that our work had a great level and I said ‘God, do something there’ [risos]. The next day, I woke up and had a message from a Globo casting producer inviting me to participate in the BBB”, completed the sertanejo.

And during their stay on the reality show, Israel and Rodolfo reached number one on the charts with the hit cherry lipstick, which soon conquered the public all over Brazil.

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