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Before joining A Fazenda 13, Liziane Gutierrez underwent surgery to remove products from unsuccessful cosmetic procedures. The intervention had to be done because the Miss Butt 2017 participant had performed a facial harmonization that caused her unexpected reactions and made her have the feeling that her face was going to “explode”.

In March 2019, the model put botox and lip filling. But the result did not turn out as expected. She felt her face go numb and suffered from intense pain.

“One day after performing the procedure, my face felt like it was going to explode. They told me it was just an allergy and that if I used steroids it would disappear. Really, using this medication my face would improve instantly, but if I did I stopped all the swelling came back. I started to do painful sessions to remove products from my face,” explained Liziane in a post made on her social networks in June this year.

When talking to other doctors, the model discovered that the problem had been caused by the excessive use of products during the cosmetic intervention and sued the clinic, which claims that the reaction was allergic. She was able to remove all the products that caused her pain, but the process had a high cost.

According to the North American website TMZ, which followed the entire saga of the Brazilian, the investment to make the harmonization that went wrong in 2019 was US$ 3 thousand (R$ 15.8 thousand, at the current price), but only to correct the problem, another US$ 10 thousand (R$ 52.7 thousand) were spent.

On Wednesday (15), the day after the premiere of A Fazenda 2021, the model’s team released a note to condemn attacks suffered by the competitor of the reality series from Record on social networks.

“On behalf of the staff and employees who provide services to Liziane Gutierrez, we hereby inform that we repudiate any act of moral harassment, hateful attacks and cyberbullying. The act of insulting, humiliating and practicing psychological violence on the internet is also considered a crime and it hurts the model’s moral integrity,” the statement said.

Currently, Liziane is 35 years old. See below a before and after of her, with a photo from the model’s personal archive, published by the Ego website in March 2016, and another in A Fazenda 13:


Face of Liziane Gutierrez in 2016 and 2021

eat liposuction

A year before having the sensation of “exploding” her face, Liziane had already faced another problem for aesthetic reasons. In May 2018, the model went to Turkey in secret, according to her press office, to undergo liposuction that went wrong. She had a negative reaction to the procedure and was in an induced coma for five days.

“Liziane is in Turkey, but not even her family knew that she had traveled for aesthetic purposes. She had some kind of reaction to the anesthesia and, to spare her, they put her in an induced coma. She had already expressed a desire to undergo liposuction, but as I had almost no fat, no doctor wanted to perform this surgery”, informed the team of the candidate for Miss Butt at the time.

Addiction to plastic surgery

In July of this year, she gave an interview to Roberto Cabrini on Record’s Domingo Espetacular, and confessed that has already made more than 20 aesthetic interventions. At the time, she had her face bandaged, as she had removed some of the products from the unsuccessful harmonization.

“I was already an addict [em cirurgia plástica]. I’ve even lost accounts. I had lipo a few times, I had a nose, a breast implant, a butt, I’ve only had lipo on my arm,” she explained. Liziane participated in the Miss Butt contest in 2017, but was disqualified precisely for having implanted silicone in her buttocks, something that is against the rules.

During the interview, the current contestant of A Fazenda 13 admitted that she started to undergo cosmetic procedures because of a self-esteem problem, but said that this addiction had been much worse in the past.

Domingo Espetacular showed a photo of how was she at 17 years old, before the procedures. Check out the click below, with a comparison of an image of her at the 2017 Carnival:

reproduction/record and rogerio fidalgo/agnews

Liziane in a photo from 2003 and another from 2017

Who is Liziane Gutierrez?

Liziane’s name rose in 2021 after she attacked Health Surveillance agents for disrupting a clandestine party she attended during the pandemic; the video went viral on social media. In the images, the model appeared sending the police to the favela.

The now participant of A Fazenda was not detained by the attacks and offenses. Liziane has also openly declared support for Jair Bolsonaro. The support for the President of the Republic even caused him other problems.

In 2018, she was expelled from the VIP area of ​​a Dua Lipa concert by the singer herself, who saw her wearing a T-shirt in support of the politician. “Usually I shack when I suffer injustice, but this time I’m so upset that I don’t know how to act,” she said of the incident.

Liziane’s love life isn’t discreet either; she collects “souvenirs” of brief relationships with famous people like Rod Stewart and rapper Tyga. The gifts are nothing less than the artists’ underwear. “If they went to auction, I would be rich because of the owners,” she joked, while showing the “treats” on Instagram.

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