LoL: “They’re not taking responsibility for their words,” says Croc of Rensga owners

The “novela” among the South Korean Croc and the Surrender, its current organization, continues. After the company director went public and denied the statements made on Thursday (15), Croc rebutted the report and detailed how the negotiation went. The hunter even said that the owners of Rensga “are not taking responsibility for the weight of their words during our negotiation”.

Streaming contract case

Yuri, Rensga player of CBLOL 2021
Croc tells details about the negotiation with Rensga. (Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)

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In an interview with GE, Djary Veiga, one of Rensga’s owners, mentioned that Croc and Yuri’s payment is up to date and what happened was a misunderstanding, as there was the possibility of a contract with a streaming platform and, consequently, the two would receive a bonus on the deal. However, the agreement between Rensga and the platform was not finalized.

On his Twitter, Croc mentions that the initial amount offered by Rensga was not advantageous for him, but as the conversations progressed, he was offered the possibility of a stream contract, in addition to part of the prize money. He also mentioned that this contract was to have been signed as soon as he arrived in Brazil, but that no information had been passed on to him until the end of June.

Croc also published several prints that show his insistence on knowing the situation. He pointed out that it was even passed on to him that Rensga would do a transmission test to close the contract, but both he and Yuri rejected the offer.

At the time, we were in a difficult position in terms of ranking in CBLOL Split 2, out of respect for our teammates and the success of reaching the playoffs, Yuri and I rejected the streaming offer.

Croc cites problem with flight back to Korea

Croc's photo during the CBLOL final

The player also spoke about the problem with his flight back to Korea. After missing the flight, he had three options: take the flight on the 17th and pay R$5200; take the flight on the 21st and pay R$2000; stay another month in Brazil and pay nothing for the flight.

Djary, one of the owners of Rensga, had already commented that the problem with the flight was due to protocols that they were not aware of, and that 15 other people were also unable to board.

It was also mentioned that Croc and Yuri had to pay for PCR tests out of their own pocket, and if they decided to stay in Brazil, they would have to pay for their own food without reimbursement on the days that the maid was not going to work.

[…]João and Djary think that nothing wrong has been done for them and are trying to imply that we are the ones to blame. I also believe they are not taking responsibility for the weight of their words during our negotiation.

So far the Surrender or even the names involved, João and Djary, have not yet commented on the response of Croc.