Participants forget that they are in A Fazenda 2021 and make controversial comments about Ilha Record

Tati Quebra Barraco sends the real (Image: Playback / Record)

Tati Breaks Shack remains outspoken during his first days in The Farm 2021 and ended up exposing a situation involving another program on the network, the Island Record.

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During the early hours of this Wednesday (15), she surprised by saying that she was invited to the previous reality show, but ended up backing down because she couldn’t swim and because of the award.

“I didn’t go because I can’t swim. And also because [do valor] of the prize”, shot. And Aline Mineiro said she also received the invitation: “And me too. I’m glad I didn’t go in”.

“I said I can’t swim, I panic”, explained. “Friend, I respect the sea more than my mother”, explained Tati. Rico Melquiades also despised the other program and said: “I would not go”.

But that wasn’t the only ball out of Tati Quebra Barraco in the game. Right at the premiere, the presenter Adriane Galisteu was surprised in her first conversation with the funkeira.

That’s because Tati got excited when he forgot he was live and ended up firing a curse word on national television, when he heard his name being called by the blonde.

“Dona Tati Quebra Barraco”, started. “Hi Galis, it’s a pleasure…”, answered. “It’s your turn, woman”, said Adriane, and the singer responded with a snarl: “Well buc* had”.

Galisteu pretended not to hear, as the statement was made amidst the applause of the other participants, but netizens listened very well and reverberated immediately.

“Well buc* had hahaha on the evangelical channel love”, joked a person. “Did she say ‘well buc*t’, really? icon”, said another. “I’m addicted to talking well after that”, one more.

Afterwards, Adriane Galisteu questioned whether at the beginning of the game it is possible to differentiate between friendships.

Then he asked her to talk a little more about the subject and Tati snapped: “I got to know. You can know who is and who is not, where I come from, right…”.

Finally, when asked how she intends to deal with this, she announced that she will win the farmer’s tests and will send the said whose right to Roça.

In the comments, many people pointed out the statement as a well-targeted hint to Borel, who has been trying to force friendship with her.

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