Rico Melquiades talks about Duda Reis and criticizes Nego do Borel

Rich Melquiades made numerous criticisms about Borel, during a chat with Aline Mineiro in The Farm 13, this Thursday afternoon (16). The comedian even quoted the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Duda Reis, when revealing that he intends to use the troubled ending between them as an argument to vote for his colleague in the first Roça of the season.

“It can be a voting option”, initiated the former participant of the On vacation with the ex, receiving agreement from ex-panicat. “I already have the speech to say: ‘I’m going to vote for him, because he’s been making too much of a scene… He wants to clean up the image of the bullshit he made with his ex…”, fired the influencer, who was alerted by the worker.


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“Be careful. you’re playing something you haven’t seen… Were you in the story? Did you see what happened? It’s like when you appeared on the show there [‘De Férias’]… You are not an insufferable person”, compared Aline Mineiro. Rico Melquiades, in turn, continued to compare and cited the case of Justice between Duda Reis and Nego do Borel.

“But what I did on the show, I did there, it’s me, but nevertheless, I’m a fun, good, affectionate person. Everyone is exactly what people think… That doesn’t cancel out what he was out there”, said Rico. “Yes, it was, but we are not sure what happened to the girl, we don’t know”, assured Aline. “But it doesn’t nullify the fact that he did what he did”, he pointed out.

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