Solange calls Rico a fag and is accused of homophobia

Shortly after the end of the awards dynamic in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), last night, Solange Gomes left the scene of the action disgusted with the argument with Rico Melquiades and called the pawn ‘asshole’ and ‘faggot’. Fans of the reality show pointed out homophobia in the statement and classified the gesture of the former Gugu bath as ‘rotten’.

In a conversation with singer Tati Quebra Barraco, Solange was irritated by the influencer calling her an old woman and fired insults at her colleague in confinement:

Asshole, faggot. Did I tell you he hasn’t looked at me since day one? [Agora] calling me an old woman and he’s ugly as hell**? Than be new and ugly.

On social media, Solange Gomes’ statement had negative repercussions. Fans of “A Fazenda 2021” pointed out a homophobic gesture by the former Gugu bath – because Rico was an open homosexual – and used the same term cited by the pawn to criticize her: ‘rotten’.

“Solange is ridiculous. I can see she’s homophobic. Just because she fights with the gay woman, she doesn’t need to let loose on her sexual orientation. I thought it was rotten,” said one follower.

“Solange rightly called Rico a fag in the pejorative. Fia, get off your old homophobic,” commented another netizen.

“Solange calling Rico a faggot. Is the homophobic revealing herself? Asshole,” opined a third fan of the reality show.

So far, the profiles of Solange Gomes have not commented on the case of offense against Rico Melquiades on social media.

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