Sonia Abrão detonates Adriane Galisteu’s performance in ‘A Fazenda’

Sonia Abram did not like the presentation of Adriane Galisteu in “The Farm 13”. During the program A Tarde É Sua, on RedeTV!, last Wednesday (15), the journalist fired several criticisms when commenting on the presenter’s debut in rural reality.

First, she talked about Adriane’s first contact with pedestrians when she tried to stick with her catchphrase “Don’t say ‘hello’, say ‘How are you, Galisteu?’” from her old SBT show Charme, but ended up in a vacuum. .

“You must not treat pedestrians like an audience in a talk show, you must treat them as competitors, you must not wait for an answer from them as if you were in a talk show, that ‘how are you, Galisteu?’ .

Then Sonia also criticized the needling the blonde gave to Globo’s The Masked Singer, which airs at the same time.

“I didn’t need to poke Globo, saying that there are no masked pawns there, it was too ugly, it didn’t look like it came from her, it looked like something ready”, he said.

The journalist also detonated the unnaturalness of the new presenter of the reality: “There was a lot of reading of TP [teleprompter], it was too fake, it seemed like it was reading all the time. There was an excess of happiness, alright it was a debut, but Galisteu was too exaggerated in the presentation of the reality”.

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