“The Crown” and “Ted Lasso” lead 2nd Emmy nominations from pandemic times

Television may have been what helped people endure last year’s lockdowns and quarantines, but the Emmy Award seems to have no slack.

Forced by the second year to scrap the traditional gathering of celebrities and executives, the attraction will have Cedric the Entertainer in charge of the ceremony, moved to an outdoor tent due to concerns over the Delta variant of the coronavirus, in Los Angeles on Sunday (19) .

Despite vaccinations, screenings and mask requirements, Jennifer Aniston is one of the stars who will not appear citing her personal safety, and many cast members of the drama series “The Crown” will likely appear from London, organizers said.

“Some people really want to participate remotely, and we understand that,” Maury McIntyre, president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, told Variety magazine this week.

“There are only about 500 in the tent, but 500 is still a lot for some people.”

Last year, the Emmy was held virtually, and people participated remotely in homes, gardens and hotel rooms from around the world, rather than the usual face-to-face event for more than 4,000 people.

“Ted Lasso,” an uplifting comedy about a displaced American coaching a struggling British football team, and “The Crown,” a British series about royalty, are expected to be some of the beneficiaries this year – the first was nominated in 20 categories and the second in 24.