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An alert made by the Association of Vulces de Canrias, from Spain, has frightened Brazilians. The group issued a yellow signal for the Cumbre Vieja volcano, located on the island of La Palma, which has suffered from more than 4,222 tremors in the last few days in its region, in the Cumbre Vieja National Park, and could erupt. The problem is that a study released by the MetSul Meteorologia portal states that if the eruption occurs, the North and Northeast regions of Brazil will be hit by tsunamis.

According to the study, published by the Federal University of Paran, the “erup could destabilize the island’s slope” and “facilitate the occurrence of mass movement” in the ocean, which would cause tsunamis. However, the oceanographer and professor at the Federal University of Bahia, Guilherme Lessa, explained that the forecast of tsunamis has minimal chances of occurring.

“The drama is humanity’s addiction. The probability of the event occurring is still small. It’s a very big fuss. This cataclysmic scenario was published a long time ago and something extremely hypothetical, none of the values ​​would be credible to bet. An unnecessary panic is being generated. “, reproved Guilherme in an interview with the Bahian newspaper Metro1.

The expert also says that the study considers the slip of 500 cubic kilometers of mass in the ocean, which is very rare to occur. Other than that, the sea level and the wave propagation form are also impossible to measure, which makes the study hypothesis more difficult to be carried out. “It’s very difficult to say what the reality would be if the slip occurred, because there are so many variables at play,” he says.

The author of the study that went viral in the press and on the networks. Geologist Mauro Gustavo Reese Filho agrees that more recent studies affirm that the possibilities of tsunamis “are remote and far away”, but that care needs to be taken. “The establishment of alarm systems makes it possible to evacuate areas that are justifiable when it comes to human lives,” the geologist told Uol.

What if the tsunami occurs?

If the combination of unlikely conditions initiated by the eruption is necessary to create a tsunami, it is possible that it will reach Brazil. But, the oceanographer says that, if that happens, there will be enough time to know how it will arrive and the state governments will be able to plan to keep the residents of the affected places safe.

“The time it would take to reach the coast would be up to eight hours in Salvador. That’s enough time to know the shape of the wave and issue an alert”, concludes Guilherme.

News generates memes on social media

While the news reverberated on the internet, Brazilians did what they do well when they saw a sign of crisis: memes. Check out some: