Xuxa denies rumors that she made a pact with the devil: ‘I wouldn’t have what I have’

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Xuxa Meneghel (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Xuxa he spoke again of past rumors that she had made a ‘deal with the devil’. In an interview with the Youtube channel “Seja Eu”, the presenter said that she would not have achieved everything she did if she had made such a pact.

“I’ve heard some people say, early on: ‘She has a deal with the devil.’ Someone who has a deal with the guy down there couldn’t have even a third of what I have, because that gives him a lot of strength. I have a relationship of friendship, love, with the guy upstairs. And he has me too. If not, I wouldn’t have what I have”, said Xuxa.

In the chat, the eternal Queen of the Little People also replied about how she would like to be remembered by people: “I wanted to be remembered as a victorious person who left her mark. Going around the world leaving nothing to someone else must be so bad. I believe that if you can make a difference inside your house, your neighborhood, your city, your building… And I think I left my mark to the world. If I really manage to be remembered like that, it will be very good”, concluded.

Watch the full interview:

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