3rd Conecta Unimed brings together Olympic and Paralympic athletes to talk about the power of purpose

Photo: Disclosure

Challenge is the word that describes the year 2021. Therefore, Unimed decided to provoke inspiration and transformation with a historic debate, bringing together Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Santa Catarina to talk about “The Power of Purpose”.

O 3rd Connect Unimed will receive Darlan Romani (shot put – Concordia), Isadora Pacheco (skateboard – Florianópolis), Danielle Rauen (Paralympic table tennis – São Bento do Sul) and Fernando Scherer (swimming medalist – Florianópolis) to share their experiences about form to face and overcome limits in search of personal and collective achievements.

The free online event will take place on September 23, from 7 pm, when Unimed’s 50th anniversary will also be celebrated in Santa Catarina.

It will be a real chat mediated by the president of the Unimed SC Federation, Alberto Gugelmin Neto, accompanied by Mário Motta, TV anchor journalist and broadcaster, and Mário Medaglia, sports journalist with 50 years of experience in the sector.

With the participation of such special athletes and professionals, the virtual event promises to be much more than a debate, but a great meeting of motivation, to definitely start a new time, so desired and awaited by everyone.

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