AF News | State | 37-year-old doctor who works as a volunteer targets state deputy vacancy

A resident of Tocantins for 30 years, gynecologist-obstetrician Danilo Alencar, known as Dr. Danilo, signed his affiliation with Podemos with the intention of running for a seat in the Legislative Assembly in the 2022 Elections.

Dr. Danilo, 37, works in Paraíso, Divinópolis, Cristalândia and Araguacema. He also works as a volunteer in settlements in the Vale do Araguaia and is responsible for joint surgery efforts. Performs about 120 surgeries per month, of which at least 50 via SUS (Unified Health System).

Now affiliated with Podemos, the doctor is pre-candidate for state deputy in 2022 and declared support for the pre-candidate for governor Ronaldo Dimas, former mayor of Araguaína (2013-2020) and state president of Podemos.

This is the first time that Dr. Danilo has run for public office. “I’m tired of seeing how things are being managed, especially in Health. Tired of seeing the people suffer, the people in the settlements without any attention. I want in politics to help change this reality”, pointed out Dr. Danilo.

The pre-candidate for state deputy also plans to transform Paradise into a Regional Health Reference Center, giving support to all the surrounding cities.

Support for Ronaldo Dimas

Dr. Danilo highlighted that he chose Podemos de Dimas for its credibility and the work provided by the former mayor of Araguaína. For him, Ronaldo Dimas has all the conditions to command a management that makes a positive transformation in Tocantins, like the one carried out in Araguaína.

“Ronaldo Dimas has credibility, recognizes the importance of businessmen, has a clean name and the best of all the pre-candidates for governor that Tocantins has”, stressed.